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Tip 6

How to dress on a low budget

04 / 02 / 2010 - 0 Comments
The Tip

Hi Everyone!

This video is my answer to a couple of girls that left a comment on my YouTube channel. They are starting high school and have to decide what to wear every day. The used to wear uniform and they don’t have the money to buy lots of clothes. Welcome to the club! I remember this feeling! It is a bit of a drama. But don’t get frustrated because it is a long journey. A day will come when this won’t be a problem for you. Here goes some advice so you don’t go nuts.


We’ll start with a basic that you should all have in your closet if you followed Coco Chanel’s advice: the little black dress. For those of you who are not fans of dresses… don’t worry because you can still create a more casual look. Accessories have the power to change any outfit. Flats can give the look a more feminine touch. I’m going to change the shoes and you’ll see that it changes the look. I am also wearing different tights. You can use different colored tights to radically change the look. I am adding this necklace to give the look a bit more consistency. It’s simple and different. Another way to play with the black dress is adding a T-shirt. Either under the dress or on top, so the dress appears to be a skirt. To enhance the waist I’m going to wear a belt. I f you want to be more comfortable, wear some flats. If you want to look a bit more sophisticated, wear some heel or boots. 

Obviously it’s not the weather for wearing short sleeves, so you could wear any jacket, like a blazer. Maybe a blazer is a bit too serious at your age so you could try a denim jacket like that one. Another way to use the T-shirt is wearing it under the dress. In this case a long necklace would work well. Here are some options. Here’s a long one you can wrap around the neck several times. Another option is a bead necklace or a long necklace like this one that has an elephant.


So where’s the black dress? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget it. I’m wearing some skinny jeans that work well with skirts and dresses. If you don’t like wearing tights, you can wear trousers under dress which allows you to achieve a more feminine look. Another item you can play with is a scarf: there are many ways to wear scarves. In this case I’ll leave it loose. You can also use bracelets to enliven a basic top.


For the third look we will continue with the theme of “low-budget”. I am wearing the grey top, the black dress and the T-shirt on top. This creates a layered look. I imagine you have a lot of sneakers like Converse in your closet. To make the look a bit different I’ve added this waistcoat. Here is a scarf with some stones and tassels. If you have a regular scarf you can always accessorize it. It works well with the look despite the varied mix of colours but within our limited budget.

Don’t worry girls, I won’t leave you alone. I’m going to make more tutorials about how to look very cute on the cheap. 17 – 20 are your golden years and you should be showing off your face and your figure.

More advice soon, see you later! 

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