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Tip 4

How to shop online

21 / 01 / 2010 - 3 Comments
The Tip

This weeks videoblog is about shopping online. In this case, from In the beginning I was worried about size differences. uses the British measurement system with sizes from 4 to 20. I have difficultly finding sizes that match all my different measurements. I normally fit clothes that are S or M but on Asos I choose 6 or 8.


Nearly all the items I got are jackets. This top is size 8. It would be a large S. This design probably makes you think of your grandmas. To speed up the process of showing you things, I have started with a basic look. A black skirt, which I'm sure your have in your closet. I got this one in Zara for 15 euros. The jacket is tight at the waist and looser at the top. I just realized the red shoes are a bit worn out. Here's a really original necklace from Spanish & Sisters. It works really well with the colors of the top, golds, reds and pearls. Next I will load my wrists with bracelets. I am trying to continue with the theme of pearls and chains. I think this look is really "hip" :) My granny might think I'd taken it from her closet.


This cardigan is a lovely pink color with the sleeves as 'bat wings'. I bought this in size 6 as this style is
very loose and 8 would be big for me. What I really like about this color is it softens the face. I will combine it with these boots. And I will add a pretty necklace. Here is a necklace by Spanish & Sisters.


Here's a jacket I liked the least out of the items I bought. I bought this in size XS as it said it was a large jacket... so I didn't want to buy one that was too loose. Finally, here is my little 'Hannah' that I bought a while ago in 'A Nice Style'. Its a simple accessory but very special to me. I'm not used to such baggy tops so I'll roll the sleeves up.

We are on the final stretch, hope you're  not getting bored. I'm moving to the practical topic of returns. This packet is prepared to send back to Asos. At the post office, they told  me that I couldn't send it as it has advertising on it. I asked them 'Anyway, how much would it cost to send?'. They told me '12 euros'. 12 euros! I thought, that's expensive for this little s***! So I decided I wasn't going to send back this dress. I would advise you to be careful when buying things from Asos... as returning an item you don't like is not cheap. I think paying 12 euros to return this dress is expensive.

Their returns system is  very well organized. You have a a lot of options on the form... But I wish Asos would get into an agreement with the post office in Spain to offer cheaper postage costs when returning their products. I think online brands like Asos should consider doing this so us consumers are not left with this problem. Well, I've taken off the label so now I have to convince myself: "'its mine and I will like it'. The problem with the dress is these tassels always get tied in knots. And believe me, it's not fun to undo them. But I'm keeping it so we'll give it some use.

I hope it hasn't been too long for you and you found the advice about practical.

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  • 10 July 2010 DevilWearsPrada

    ¿en la talla 6 equivale a una S?
    muchas gracias y besos!

    • 11 July 2010 balamoda

      Hola Carmen! Esas son las conclusiones que saqué después de mi compra. Es que los ingleses tienen muchas tallas. Para mí la 6 es como una S más justita y la 8 como una S más holgada. Ya te cuento cuando reciba las nuevas cosas que me comrpré la semana pasada. Porque ya te digo que pedí la 10 de un vestido que vendría a ser una M holgada. Beso!

  • 4 February 2013 Lore

    Hola!! Soy nueva por aquí, y buscando foros en los que hablasen del tallaje de la tienda ASOS, me encontré contigo :D.
    Quisiera que, me aconsejases, en la medida de lo posible sobre qué talla pedir en vestidos ya que me cuando voy a comprar, me sucede, exactamente lo mismo que te pasó a ti, en un principio....miro en la tabla de equivalencias y de pecho me corresponde con una talla, la cintura con otra....y así estoy que no me decido a comprar nada porque tengo bastante miedo a que no me quede bien.
    Así pues, te agradecería enormemente que me aconsejases....:D Para que tengas una idea, de la famosa tienda Zara uso de pantalones una 34 y de partes de arriba XS o S....mis medidas son 85 de pecho, 70 de cintura y 88 de cadera y tratándose de que el vestido que quiero comprar tiene elastano/lycra, tampoco quisiera que me quedase exageradamente ceñido...Entonces no sé si mi talla sería una 8UK. Me puedes ayudar?.
    Muchísimas gracias de antemano, y te deseo un feliz día. Gracias. Un saludo

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