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How to wear your partner's clothes

07 / 01 / 2010 - 1 Comment
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Hi! I don't know if I told you enough how much your posts inspire me. Today's post was inspired by some of you who confess to "stealing" their boyfriends' or brothers' or husbands' clothes. I figured I should do a post on how to take advantage of the "clothes of the opposite sex".


I will build the first look on this dress. It's a one piece dress made out of two different fabrics. We bought this sweater in MUJI. I remember telling my husband "Get it, it's a great color!". I'm realizing I wanted it for myself :) It actually doesn't look that big on me. I chose these gold leggins because I think gold and blue work well together. The sweater looks too masculine so I'm adding a detail. Lately I've been very much into brooches. Actually, I'm in to this brooche since its the only one I own :) This time I'll be combining it with this bracelet. Instead of putting it on a side, I'll put it in the middle. This way we accentuate the V-neck
of the sweater. I'm using this bag, which I bought at Zara (25.95 Euros).


In this look I'm mixing classic elements with rock and roll ones. I'll be mixing this classic shirt with this modern skirt. The shirt is too long so I'm hiding it under the skirt. On my upper body I'll be using my husband's clothes, which consist of two jackets. A friend of mine gave this jacket to my husband. When I saw it I thought "That would look great on me!". The jacket looks too big on me but I don't think that's a problem these days. Plus white and grey colors look pretty elegant together. On top of it all I'm wearing this hoodie. When my husband saw this one I told him "You're too old for this...". Well, today I saw it and I think it's going to work very well. I've based this look on the layering effect. I'm wearing three layers: first my shirt and then two jackets, which you can steal from your boyfriends, brothers, fathers or husbands. I've just realized that I've stolen my husbands' clothes and I also asked him to record this video. So I thought a good moment to steal your loved ones clothes would be right before they take pictures for your blog. You'll be so excited that they probably won't complain :)


For this look I'm borrowing this lining. It's the typical interior lining from a coat. I think it can work well now that furs are hot again. It could work on its own but I'm adding this belt. At home my mom keeps saving things for charity. The other day I found this bag, which I'm almost positive it's a real Louis Vuitton. Since this post is about "stealing"... well, I took it and didn't tell mom.

I hope you learned something from this video and start borrowing from your loved ones.

Go for it!

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1 Comment
  • 2 March 2011 Rocío Ruiz de Arcaute

    Muy buen video! Ya he cogido alguna que otra idea, graciias (: