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    Makeup Accessories
    The shades in blue tones favor all types of skin depending on their intensity. Electric and marine blues highlight dark eyes, both light and dark complexion. The medium blues are very good in light skins and the blue babies especially favor the fair-skinned girls with light eyes. But that does not mean that if you do not have clear eyes you have to give up this seasonal color.

    You just have to follow some simple tricks:

    Something important when making up with these colors is to correct very, very skin the eyes to avoid a tired eye effect or sickly face, especially if our eyes are blue or violacea. But come on, nothing that a good corrector does not solve.

    The outline will help us define your eyes that will contrast with the shadow making it stand out more. In this way our eye will project more light.

    To finish harmonizing the whole look, a nude lip is the best option, better if it also has a pink undertone.
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