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    The dresses with the back to the air, whether short or long, informal or festive are a fashion that we have to take into account.

    Wearing a dress with our backs to the air is quite an accident, of misunderstanding, of focusing attention on something unintentionally. And being sexy without pretending it is one of the sexiest things there is.

    The attraction can come in the form of a dress with thin straps-a slip dress, for example-but also a sleeve that falls carelessly over the shoulder. It may be to watch the nakedness with a messy mane or, on the contrary, make it patent with a last-minute pickup. The back neckline is the necessary surprise factor that requires any type of seduction.

    If you love the maxi dresses, this detail will give you a different, attractive and very feminine image that will guarantee that you become the most sensual and striking girl.
    Bethany Marie - Sensual and eternally beautiful
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    Hat The Kooples
    Despite the fact that monochromatism prevails in costumes, prints are another of the major trends of the season and there is something for all tastes: from Prada comic heroines to flowers, many of them, of Hawaiian tints, passing through by the mixture of paintings in the same look, stripes of all styles, polka dots and references to Andy Warhol seen in the parades of Versace, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC and Missoni.

    Most striking styles! It is what you want with this type of trends, even to be that professional and elegant girl, without losing the originality and comfort that are making the current wardrobe of girls, works of art worth imitating!

    The exoticism has been for a long time already, the main feature of the sets that go out on the street, giving the opportunity to women to show their best appearance according to the style they choose and adore, the one with which they feel identified.
    Bethany Marie - Special style! - Hat The Kooples