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    When the heat begins to be predominant, we have to devise things that are appropriate to the situation and for this, this new summer trend is perfect! It´s about the tops that leave the shoulders exposed, a feminine and casual trend that we love!

    The good thing about this is that, unlike other parts of the body, there is nothing wrong with showing the shoulders, and also there is nothing with them, there are no cute or ugly, reason that makes it a fashion for all! The shoulders are one of the most neglected areas during the winter, so they have proposed to seek a privileged place with the arrival of summer. In a display of femininity.

    This season do not hesitate and I invested in a dress, or a blouse with this format. It does not matter if you are more or less curvilinear, since everything will depend on the depth of the neckline of the garment you select.
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