Nobody said it was easy to be a trendsetter. We know that the style is your cup of tea, but how do you show it to the world? If you don’t have a good photographer by you and you want to learn some tricks to improve your street style photos, we have prepared a simple guide to get amazing photos without using professional resources:

The Shot

The frame

When taking street style pictures, vertical frames are much better than horizontal since they allow us to take advantage of the space and the outfit looks better. Ideally, avoid diagonal frames or extreme low and high angles, as they distort reality. Further, try not to leave too much space between the subject and the margin of the photo (above and below). Avoid cutting off the head or feet.


Although the quality of the photo taken with an SLR Cameras is much better than the one taken with compact cameras, it is not necessary to purchase a professional or semiprofessional camera to get good pictures. However, avoid taking them with your mobile phone camera as the quality and the results might be poorer.


What matters in these photos is the look, you want to show it complete. Therefore, it is much better if the whole body is in the photo, either facing the camera or seen or showing your profile. Details are also important, but (unless otherwise instructed) the complete look is more prominent, so avoid that details take over the picture. You can upload additional photos with featuring the details, but it will be much better if the main picture is just the entire look.

When should I take the photo?

Dawn and sunset are the best moments to take pictures as the light is weaker and dim (or diffuse), which allows better contrasts. Try not to take the shoot at midday, when the sun is higher, or during night time, as for these type of pictures is better to avoid using artificial flash.

Unless you own the appropriate material — a professional camera and a good lens —, avoid backlighting, as you would only obtain a dark silhouette and lack of brightness.

¿Where do I take the photo?

Whenever possible, you should take photos outside since is best to take them with natural light.

Furthermore, try to avoid busy places. It will be less awkward for you and you will also avoid the risk that the crowd distracts attention of the picture.

Other pieces of advice…

- Be natural and avoid forced postures.

- Note! If you want the best result you should take several shots, so it is more likely to get the “perfect shot” after several attempts.

- Try to take the photo with natural light and avoid using the flash. The latter can be very useful if you know how to use it, but otherwise the results of the photo may be affected and damage the quality of the picture.


The Retouch

¿Photoshop lover?

If you master Photoshop (or other), it can help you to achieve optimum results. Consider these details when retouching your images:

- The photos with watermarks won’t appear in the main sections of Trendtation, so we recommend you not to use them.

- A subtle touch can greatly improve a photo, but avoid excessive retouches… We love real fashion!

Do not use frames, Polaroid effects or shadows… the simpler the better.

- Don’t upload collages or photomontages. Choose your best picture for the main look since it will be the visible look on every page. It should be full-length picture. Then, if you want, you can add detail pictures below your look showing other positions of your outfit, emphasizing accessories or smaller parts.

That’s all folks, Happy photo shoot!