Being a good Trendsetter, having style and knowing how to express yourself through your clothes is useless if you can not show others your talent. If you want to succeed in the world of fashion and be an It Girl it is essential to spread your looks in the most effective way. Video is the most complete way to do it. More and more Trendsetters have their own video channels, where they show, not only their style, but their way of life, challenges and experiences. If you still do not know how to create your video here? we give you some tips:


Unlike street style photos, videos need a more thorough preparation, you have to tell something and tell it in an attractive way. If you do not have the gift of improvisation, you will be better than before putting yourself in front of the camera you have a screenplay with the story you want to show in your video.



If your video tries to show your looks, the language you use is important, it is not the same to use if your goal is to have followers that you want to promote yourself as a stylist for fashion publications, for example. Your videos speak of who you are, but also of who you can be.


Choosing the location for the recording is basic. If your video is Indoor it is important that you take care of all the details of the elements that will appear in the frame of the video, make sure that it is a clean environment and attention to detail, that there are no private elements that you could later regret to have shown. If the video is external, try to find an area where you can work quietly, without people passing between the camera and you. constantly. Look closely at all the elements that will fit into the frame and choose the most suitable position so that the light falls on the most attractive mode.


The obsolescence of trends

Try that your videos have their own entity and are not a mere sample of clothes, the trends are fleeting and if your videos do not have other values added to your channels will always be outdated.


Try to create short videos, with a simple but well-expressed idea. Naturalness and freshness are basic when it comes to standing in front of a camera. Always try to feel comfortable with what you are doing and telling.


Every second counts

Every second that a user keeps wind your video is a triumph for you, so it is essential that you maintain the interest and the rhythm of the video until its completion. No one expects to see the end, of something that in its beginning is no longer attractive.

Give it its own stamp

More and more trendsetters use videos as a diffusion tool so you should analyze what are your strong points and what? It makes you stand out with respect to the others. In order for your videos to have faithful followers they must find in you a differential factor, find it and strengthen it. Your freshness or spontaneity, your ability to analyze trends, or your way of choosing the locations of your videos can be elements that generate a link with those who visualize your videos and generate curiosity to know what will happen. In the next.


The filming

Smartphones and tablets offer you a large number of options to make your videos, but we recommend that if you want your publications to be really professional use a digital camera or video camera with which you can to get a much higher image quality, especially in case you want to make a more complex edition later.

The tripod

To make a video, and also be the protagonist you must make your life easy, the tripod will allow you to. Record from the angles and heights you want and avoid annoying camera movements for the viewer in the fixed and inner framing videos above all.



If you are going to record videos indoors, it is essential that the light is adequate, generate a pleasant environment and favor the elements you want to show, but if you do not have the necessary natural light we recommend using a lighting set, especially in those in which attention to detail is fundamental, such as video beauty tutorials.

Editing applications

Once you have recorded your video, there are many programs and applications that allow you to edit them in a simple and intuitive way, even if you have little knowledge of editing. iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Flipagram, VivaVideo, FilmoraGo, Animoto or Video Maker are very good options for beginners. But if you want to go further there? and edit your videos in a more professional way you can use tools like Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro. They all offer guides for very easy to follow and put into practice. Although the beginning will consist to you; Surely in a short time you have become an expert.


Latests tips

Naturalness is the basis of communication. Find your way to express yourself and if you are trendy. There are many interesting people, find out what? It is what makes you be and mule. Insp? Rate, but do not copy, if someone you admire creates a video that you love and also has more followers than you, do not try to imitate it, because it will subtract you. Value as a creator, your own content is your value added.