1. When you make a request to purchase an item you will initiate automatically negotiating with the seller. Communication will take place for the record messaging product for sale. Each conversation is private between you and no personal data will be published.
  2. The vendor will manage all Information requests received from buyers under his own criteria, so Trendtation can not be responsible for the decisions taken by the seller or guarantee that all purchase requests are served by this
  3. It is possible that if you order is from the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or outside of Spain, the final price increase because of the shipping. If in doubt, talk with the seller and avoid last minute surprises.
  4. If the terms offered by the seller by courier not convince you can cancel the purchase request without any problem.
  5. Make sure that the conditions offered by the seller are to your liking and reliability (payments and ship methods).
  6. Trendtation acts as an intermediary and in no case responsible for:
  7. For any questions check the marketplace conditions or write to elmercadillo@trendtation.com.