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    Ankle Boots Kitten
    The classic is strong this season, with an integral resurgence but at the same time linked to the originality and glamor that are so much seen this winter.

    The girls have decided to wear a wardrobe that integrates and mixes trends and concepts associated with various ornaments, with a thin military trend and also with a flirtatious elegance and a slightly child-like style of the classic winter long coats, midi skirts and of the multiple accessories of ruffles, fringes and pearls.

    This bold look is great now that the new year is approaching and it is the perfect time to let it go and exaggerate. No matter what you use, use it boldly! And this hair coat is your best choice! Two tone and very striking, it is the perfect piece.

    Combine it with a mini skirt and boots with accessories and you will see that the set will be spectacular.
    Kenguri - Spectacular!! - Ankle Boots Kitten
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    Sneakers Vans
    Look: Vans x Peanuts - Great for casual - 22 December 2017
    I bought this coat in a super deal at H & M. It is not necessary to say that it is a true wonder, because in an endless sea of ​​dark outwears, the pink blush really stands out and complements the snow around you. Perfect for formal occasions, since I bought it in the Modern Classic department and, as you can see, it can be used more informally. The only other reason that inspired this combination are these Vans X Peanuts sneakers. I'm a big fan of Vans shoes, so this collaboration relieves me the day, so I could not wait to buy them. As you can see, both combine perfectly due to the pink accents. I did not want to go over with other colors either, so I only wore black, but warm and comfortable clothes that can be worn every day when it's cold. I hope you liked it, since this was my first publication here. Look at my blog for more information. Thank you!
    Kenguri - Vans x Peanuts - Sneakers Vans