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    If we think of a versatile, off-road style and ideal for our casual looks, the braid is, without a doubt, an absolute winner. Whenever we do not know what to wear the braid allows us to look spectacular and, at the same time, comfortable. Also, it does not matter if your mane is short or long, in both they are ideal and are easy to make.

    If you are at home comfortably, you go to the center, you will go out with friends, you have a party in your agenda or you do not know how to comb your hair for work, the braids are your best allies. Now yes, do not always wear the same classic braid. You have different options for your hairstyle!

    The boxer braids or boxer braids, for example, to be a collected that leaves the face exposed, we can take them both to play sports and for our day to day. The mini braids are purely decorative but give your look a fun and very 'boho', which is in trend. While we can wear a romantic braid with a casual look and even with a night look, the keys are not to tighten the hair, but to leave it undone and with some loose strands.
    Mollie Moon - For your day to day ... braids!